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Largest places in Mali

The largest cities and places in Mali at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Mali.

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Largest places in Mali
Bamako Bamako1.Bamako Bamako1,297,281
Sikasso Sikasso2.Sikasso Sikasso144,786
Mopti Mopti3.Mopti Mopti108,456
Koutiala Koutiala4.Sikasso Sikasso99,353
Segou Ségou5.Segou Ségou92,552
Gao Gao6.Gao Gao87,000
Kayes Kayes7.Kayes Kayes78,406
Markala Markala8.Segou Ségou53,738
Kolokani Kolokani9.Koulikoro Koulikoro48,774
Kati Kati10.Koulikoro Koulikoro42,922
Bougouni Bougouni11.Sikasso Sikasso35,450
Timbuktu Timbuktu12.Tombouctou Tombouctou32,460
Banamba Banamba13.Koulikoro Koulikoro30,591
Bafoulabe Bafoulabé14.Kayes Kayes26,823
San San15.Segou Ségou24,811
Koulikoro Koulikoro16.Koulikoro Koulikoro23,919
Djenne Djénné17.Mopti Mopti22,382
Yorosso Yorosso18.Sikasso Sikasso17,447
Kangaba Kangaba19.Koulikoro Koulikoro17,232
Sagalo Sagalo20.Kayes Kayes15,830
Kokofata Kokofata21. 12,985
Kidal Kidal22.Kidal Kidal11,643
Dire Diré23. 10,943
Kolondieba Kolondiéba24.Sikasso Sikasso10,041
Ke-Macina Ké-Macina25.Segou Ségou9,848
Menaka Ménaka26.Gao Gao9,110
Inekar Inékar27.Gao Gao8,714
Goundam Goundam28.Tombouctou Tombouctou8,456
Douentza Douentza29.Mopti Mopti8,054
Tenenkou Ténenkou30.Mopti Mopti7,471
Niafunke Niafunké31.Tombouctou Tombouctou6,901
Bandiagara Bandiagara32.Mopti Mopti6,853
Kinmparana Kinmparana33.Segou Ségou6,014
Kita Kita34.Kayes Kayes5,769
Sokolo Sokolo35.Segou Ségou4,374
Araouane Araouane36.Tombouctou Tombouctou4,026
Taoudenni Taoudenni37.Tombouctou Tombouctou3,019
Ansongo Ansongo38.Gao Gao3,000

1 - 38 of 38 places

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